he is i & i am him

By Rodney Quarcoo

May 29, 2008


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Photographer into capturing life. I think that sums me up really, “Rodney Quarcoo captures life!”

I find I am lost without some device to freeze a moment for others to experience and interpret for themselves. I just got a bunch of equipment to hone my skill, so hopefully with your criticism in no time @ all I’ll be churning out some fabulous shots!

I think I am colour blind though? LOL You say turquoise, I say blue! 🙂

Before I forget, If you have any interest (commercial, licensing or other) in the work contained on this site please feel free to contact me (via a comment on any of the photos with your contact details or get my email from the about page) & we can come to some arrangement.



6 Responses to “he is i & i am him”

  1. nice picture. looks like a painting.

  2. thanks!

    result of Nokia 6500S camera + photoshop.


  3. Hey, Mr Quarcoo,

    What can i say those pictures you have cpatured have left me rather speechless!

    I believe u have gpt a gift, keep using it…

  4. thanx Titi!

    i’ll keep @ it!

  5. where can I contact u on facebook? u are so good!

  6. I am grateful to be born at a time in the world when we can connect from one corner to another across time and space to be touched by the eyes of another without ever leaving your home.
    To comment on one piece of the reflections of your Origin (God) could never express the emotional journey each piece gives me. With each shot you reveal a piece of the DNA that it took to the creation of you. In you resides all, in you many will see. Continue to show what your eyes see.
    I am humbled to share your time and space.
    Thank you

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