hairspray gossip

so i was @ one of my new favourite hang out spots, Red Ginger, with “Rihanna”, the weavemaster & my sis – listening to the girls chat about the going ons in their lives, while Melissa was getting her Rihanna make-over.

so much fun i must say!

some people lead such colourful lives!

the twelfth day of june in the year two-thousand and eight.

hair: Red Ginger
make-up & styling: RenéeQ


7 Responses to “hairspray gossip”

  1. Wow….she looks way better than Rihanna…very good…

  2. Nice shot, Rodders!

  3. thanx!

  4. Very nice!!

  5. Hi Rodney,

    I love love love your photos. My name is Rita and I’m currently in the US but developing a travel brochure/magazine for Ghana. I’m in the process of making a mock up and need photos and would love to see what you have. Please give me your contact information so we can talk.


  6. I know Mellisa very well, kinda staying in the sae Estate with her. Didn’t get to see Rihanna look-a-like style.. Pretty shot you’ve got of her.. Nice work..!!!

  7. Mel B!!! That is my girl!! I have not seen her in ages (been out of the country). It took me a while to remember her. She is a colorful character indeed- absolutely gorgeous and fun to be around (to say the least :))!! You cannot be bored with her around.. She looks totally fab. I absolutely love this!!!!!

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